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    Warehouses or other large commercial and industrial spaces such as factories or garages
    can be a particular challenge to heat. They are often draughty and poorly insulated, and
    have loading bays that are frequently open during operating hours. This makes it difficult for
    them to retain heat and maintain a comfortable working temperature.

    UK Commercial Gas have extensive knowledge of a variety of effective commercial
    warehouse heating installations. The two main options include warm air heating and radiant
    heating systems. Our team of highly experienced Gas Safe registered engineers will be able
    to provide you with expert advice on the most effective solution for your space.

    Before making our recommendations, we will listen to the specific needs of your business
    operation. For example, if the warehouse stores fresh produce or pharmaceutical supplies,
    maintaining a consistent ambient temperature throughout the building will be crucial to
    ensuring the stock remains in good condition with no impact on its shelf life.

    UK Commercial Gas engineers will carry out a survey of your building to assess the specific
    needs to be addressed. For example, warehouses often have high ceilings and tall dense
    racking. The size and layout of the building, and whether its use fluctuates throughout the
    year is another factor to consider

    Factories or garages may be operating equipment and machinery that can be compromised
    by cold winter temperatures. An inadequately heated building is prone to damp and
    condensation that can cause corrosion, reducing the operational efficiency and lifespan of

    Damp can also damage the fabric of the building itself, causing rot, mould, ruptured pipes,
    shrinkage and cracking in the walls and roofing. This in turn poses a threat to the stock, and
    increases the running costs of the building, potential downtime, loss of productivity and
    damage to the reputation of the business.

    In spaces where maintaining a consistent temperature throughout is crucial, warm air
    heaters that distribute warm air evenly with a high-powered fan may be an appropriate
    solution. The heater can operate directly from a gas or oil-fired burner, or indirectly via hot
    water piped from a boiler plant.

    The heaters can be wall mounted or even ceiling mounted if space is at a premium. Radiant
    heaters can also be used, and may be suitable for smaller spaces.

    It’s also important to be aware of the legal minimum indoor working temperatures. In the UK,
    the Health and Safety regulations stipulate that the indoor working temperature should be
    kept at 16°C or above, or 13°C where manual labour is carried out.

    This is desirable not just for legal compliance but also to boost employee motivation and
    performance, and to reduce illnesses caused by repeated exposure to cold air. An
    uncomfortable working environment leads to higher rates of sickness absence and staff
    turnover and lowers morale.

    A badly designed warehouse heating system wastes energy and increases carbon
    emissions, and may interfere with the operational efficiency of the business. Therefore it’s
    crucial to get expert advice on the best solution for you.


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