Commercial & Industrial Pipework


Our areas of expertise include:

  • testing, commissioning and certification of industrial gas pipework;
  • fabrication and installation of industrial and commercial gas pipework;
  • pipework in screwed steel, welded steel, stainless steel and polyethelene;
  • design and specification of pipe sizing.

LPG Pipework

UK Commercial Gas is the right choice for commissioning and installing your LPG pipework. We undertake pipework installations or modifications for industrial establishments. You can trust our skilled staff and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that no matter the project, your systems will be back to full functionality in no time.

Industrial Pipework

UK Commercial Gas has considerable experience as pipework fabricators, installers and repair engineers within the Construction, F&M, Laundry, Energy & Power, Automotive, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

We offer a complete site measure, prefabricated and site installation service. This involves working with a variety of different materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, polypropylene socket and fusion, ABS and PVC. Our skilled team assemble your pipework to your exact requirements. Whether pre-fabricated in our workshop and installed on-site or fabricated on-site and installed.

UK Commercial Gas provides clients with guidance on material specifications and recommendations on design and installation.

Welded Pipework

Our specialized welders have been in the industry over 40 years and are able to tackle any pipework, from carbon steel, stainless steel to plastic fusion welding.

  • Pipe sizing
  • Carbon steel/ stainless steel/MDPE/ Cast Iron
  • Dairy pipework
  • Call out and repair work
  • Welding qualifications provided
  • X-ray standards