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    Industrial Pipework

    UK Commercial Gas has a team of multi-skilled Gas Safe Registered engineers, providing industrial and commercial gas services nationwide.

    Our engineers have over 35 years of hands-on experience in the industry. As a result, we can provide a wealth of knowledge to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently. UK Commercial Gas has the ability to fabricate all of the pipework in our workshop, keeping on-site disruption to a minimum.

    We have experience in a variety of industries, including Construction, Hospitality, Energy & Power and Automotive. As a specialist pipework fabrication company, our team is able to work with a variety of materials, from carbon steel, stainless steel, to underground MDPE installations.

    Our team have the skills to repair damaged gas pipework, test and purge and modify pipework. We are available for emergency call outs for damaged commercial gas pipework, solenoid valves, panel replacements and leak tracing.

    UK Commercial Gas also provide laboratory gas pipework design and installation for colleges, schools, clinical and medical premises and research and development practices.

    For installation projects, our transport team will deliver the pipework to site where our ASME IX coded welders and pipe fitting team will take over to complete the project. All our systems are fully tested before we leave the premises.

    Gas Surveys

    Our highly Skilled workforce can provide on-site assistance with our state of the art camera systems. With a camera ranges of 120m we can  survey pipework for any  blockages and faults. fully waterproof systems with video and memory card back up for clients to asses any issues.

    Once pipework is surveyed and repaired we can offer a specialist service of pigging the gas pipework to clear the pipework of water and debris. Once completed our engineers can have completed this process. We can strength test, tightness pipework, purge pipework and hand over to the client.


    Welded Pipework

    Our specialised welders have been in the industry over 40 years and are able to tackle any pipework, from carbon steel, stainless steel to Mdpe welds. We are capable of providing the following :-

    • Pipe sizing
    • Carbon steel/ stainless steel/MDPE/ Cast Iron
    • Call out for emergency gas pipework work repair;
    • Offsite Pre fabricated pipework if required;
    • High level remote access welded pipework;
    • Onsite fabrication with method statement and risk assessment;
    • Coded welders.

    LPG Pipework

    UK Commercial Gas is the right choice for commissioning and installing your LPG pipework. We undertake pipework installations or modifications for industrial establishments. You can trust our commercial skilled engineers and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that no matter the project, your systems will be back to full functionality in no time.

    From bulk storage units to off grid businesses. Our commercial gas engineers can provide turnkey solutions for clients.

    From Pipe sizing, underground LPG Installations, testing and purging. Our qualified engineers can produce high quality installations at affordable prices. Please fill in our contact form for more information.


    Steam Pipework

    UK Commercial Gas offer a complete pipework solution for our clients from design through to fabrication and installation. From inspection, repair, Prefab and modifications to all types of existing steam pipework.

    Our highly Skilled workforce can provide on-site and off-site prefabricated solutions at our workshops which are situated around the United Kingdom. This will provide clients with a quick design and installation solution.


    Emergency Gas repairs

    We can also provide emergency response gas teams to assist clients in an event of gas pipeline failure.

    We have a specialist commercial gas team who can provide clients with 24hr emergency help.  We also can provide temporary gas lines, temporary package boilers  and connections to keep businesses running without disruption.

    Our workforce have the capability of working remote to assist clients with  PE,MDPE, Steel and temporary  pipelines. We carry our own civil contracting team to prevent any delays to clients with excavations and reinstatements of pipework trenches.

    Due to extensive experience in the industry our highly-skilled engineers will be able to undertake all repairs made quickly and efficiently to ensure you have as little disruption to business as possible.  Use the contact form or freephone to help you with your enquiry.