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    If you own or operate a commercial catering facility that uses gas appliances, you have a
    legal duty to ensure that they are installed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer, and are checked and certified on an annual basis. This is not only crucial for the safety of your staff and customers, but is usually required for insurance purposes.

    Furthermore, gas equipment that is operating in top form will work more efficiently, reducing your fuel bills and cutting down your carbon footprint. The regulations can seem rather complex and onerous, but it’s important to remember that they are there to protect people and property, and the consequences of disregarding them could be extremely serious.

    One of the first steps you can take for peace of mind that your commercial kitchen is safe and compliant with regulations is to consult an experienced team of gas engineers. UK Commercial Gas have a range of expertise in designing and installing gas systems for commercial catering establishments.

    Our services include the installation of pipework and commercial catering range cookers, pressure/expansion boilers, mobile catering range cookers, and mobile catering instant water heaters. We have an extensive and successful track record of carrying out gas kitchen
    installation services for hotels, schools, colleges, and takeaway establishments.

    We also provide complete catering gas packages that include pipework, solenoid valve and emergency control panel installations and annual certification at a discounted rate for new customers.

    All our engineers are highly trained and Gas Safe registered, and are authorised to issue the required CP42 commercial safety testing and CP17 testing and purging certificates. This will ensure that all your gas appliances, flues, pipework, and safety devices are in safe working order and that you are compliant with all the regulations.

    When considering the design and installation of gas appliances in a commercial kitchen, safety should always be prioritised. We can provide you with guidance and carry out risk assessments.


    These assessments will take into account factors such as the space available, how heavy
    the usage of the kitchen gas appliances is, the provision and condition of ventilation
    systems, and how well-maintained the current appliances.

    It will also consider how knowledgeable and confident employees are about using the
    equipment, and spotting and reporting faults and potential safety hazards. Commercial
    kitchens can be very busy and noisy environments where these issues could go unnoticed
    until a serious breach of health and safety occurs.

    It’s important to fully train all your staff so that they are aware how all gas appliances should operate, and how to carry out some basic checks for faults, damage, or potential leaks. This way they will be able to spot when a piece of equipment isn’t working as it should. Have a clear method of reporting faults in place and ensure your staff are aware of it.

    UK Commercial Gas will be able to offer its years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining commercial catering gas systems that are efficient, safe, and compliant with the regulations.