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    UK Commercial Gas provides emergency gas pipework repairs for commercial properties in
    London and nationwide. We have a network of qualified and experienced engineers
    available seven days a week, who can be dispatched at short notice to solve your
    commercial gas pipework problems, however big or small.

    Our teams can conduct pipeline gas repairs onsite, and we also have offsite fabrication
    facilities if this is not possible. We have our own fusion and welding systems, so we can
    provide immediate repairs without the need to arrange for contractors. This will keep the
    disruption and downtime to your business operations at a minimum.

    Another crucial service we offer is the performance of Camera surveys on existing pipework
    to identify and remove blockages in the system. All of our engineers are on the Gas Safe
    register, which is a legal requirement for all gas installation, maintenance, and repair work in
    the UK.

    What to do if you suspect a gas leak

    If you do suspect a natural gas leak, you should turn off the supply (at the emergency control
    valve if possible) and immediately phone the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111
    99 or via textphone on 0800 371 787.

    Natural gas is odourless, but it has a chemical called mercaptan added to it, which gives off
    a strong sulphurous odour that can smell like rotten eggs. This is often the first sign of a gas
    leak. If you have a carbon monoxide detector and the alarm is activated, this could be
    another sign of a gas leak.

    The emergency line operator will ask for the address of the emergency, how many people
    are at the premises, where the smell of gas is coming from or where it is strongest, how long
    the smell has been present, if any neighbours might be affected, your contact details,
    information about accessing the property, and any other relevant information.

    You should evacuate all staff from the building, open all the doors and windows to ventilate
    the area, extinguish all naked flames and order everyone not to smoke or operate electrical
    switches. Inform the police if you have any doubts. Do not turn the gas supply back on until
    the problem has been resolved by a qualified gas engineer.

    Natural gas is a highly flammable material, and in commercial and industrial environments a
    leak is especially dangerous because of the risk of exposure to an ignition source. The gas
    leak can also cause the release of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.which can be toxic
    to human health if inhaled at dangerous quantities.

    If you suspect any staff member has carbon monoxide poisoning, get them into fresh air and
    call 999 immediately if their symptoms are severe. If the symptoms are milder, call 911 or
    visit a doctor at the soonest opportunity. The symptoms include headaches, dizziness,
    shortness of breath, respiratory failure, and unconsciousness, and it can be fatal.

    Commercial businesses should have an emergency response plan in place with a clear
    chain of command. The premises should be fitted with safety equipment, such as gas leak
    detectors, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.