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    UK Commercial Gas has a team of highly competent engineers who are able to carry out the installation, repair and maintenance, or replacement of underground commercial and industrial gas MDPE pipework. We also have emergency response teams who are available seven days a week in the event of a gas pipeline failure.

    We work directly with clients and subcontractors to carry out projects such as new gas mains installations, connections, leaks, squeeze off or capping off. Our engineering teams can assist building contractors with civil works, pipe sizing, and testing and commissioning.


    Hot tapping and under pressure drilling services

    UK Commercial Gas have engineers who are qualified and experienced in the process of hot tapping and pressure drilling. This is a system used to provide a valved branch from a live mains pipe, without the need to isolate the pipe by turning off the gas supply. This is an ideal solution when isolation of the gas line is technically impossible.

    The method can also be used to avoid disrupting the gas flow by shutting off the entire system and carrying out a purge test. This reduces the downtime for commercial operations, and can potentially be a very time and cost-effective solution for the client. It may be used for modifications, repairs, or to add pressure sensors or test points.

    Our engineers are highly skilled in this complex operation and trained to use the most up-to-date and accurate technology and equipment. Therefore you can be assured that the work will be carried out in a controlled and safe environment to the highest standards.

    Pipe squeeze off

    Squeeze-off is a method of temporarily restricting the gas flow through MDPE pipe in order
    to carry out repairs or maintenance work. UK Commercial Gas has a team of engineers who
    are qualified to carry out this specialist work.

    The technique allows for the temporary isolation of the underground gas pipe when there is
    no other viable means apart from shutting down a much larger part of the pipe network.
    Shutting down bigger sections of pipework involves purging and testing, which requires
    much more downtime.

    This means that commercial and industrial operations are disrupted for extended periods,
    impacting on productivity and causing greater costs and inconvenience to the business and
    its customers.

    Factors to consider when hiring underground gas pipework engineers
    Underground gas pipework operations require a high level of skill and experience because of
    the risk and complexity involved. Therefore you should ensure that all contractors you hire
    are suitably qualified and trained in this area of work. At the very minimum level, you should
    check that the gas firm and their engineers are on the Gas Safe register.

    This is a legal requirement and the onus is on you to ensure that you hire competent and
    certified engineers to carry out commercial gas installation work. Ask for evidence of their
    previous experience and track record for similar projects to your own, and how up to date
    their equipment and training is.