Underground Pipework MDPE

Pipe squeeze off

Where there are no means to isolate a live branch gas pipe to stop the flow to allow safe repair is to use a ‘squeeze off’ tool.  These clamps come in various sizes and allow the pipe to be ‘squeezed’ to safely stop the flow of gas on most plastic pipes.  Once the pipe has been sealed and further safety checks are conducted to ensure no gas is flowing, we are then able to carry out essential repairs, pipe fusing, or branch connections on the gas pipes.

MDPE Pipework

Our Electro-fusion pipework contractors are experienced engineers are able to carry out all types of pipe ground-works for underground commercial and industrial gas main installation. Whether it’s a new connections, leaks, squeeze off, or capping off, we can do it all.

Hot Tap / Under Pressure Drilling

UK Commercial Gas has the ability to create a new live connection on a live gas main without disrupting supply.  This gives the client the ability to continue with daily activities without turning off gas supply.

The new branch is mainly welded in position, drilled and new branch created with emergency control valve in place ready for new pipework.