Commercial Gas Installation

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    UK Commercial Gas provides a range of gas installation services for businesses of all
    shapes and sizes, whether it’s a large factory complex or a few office units. We have a team
    of Gas Safe registered engineers who are available seven days a week to work on all aspects of commercial natural gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) systems.

    Gas is a widely used power source in commercial and industrial premises in the UK, as it is readily available, relatively clean-burning, efficient, and cost-effective. However, to get the most value from your gas installations it’s important to ensure that they are appropriate for the purpose, correctly installed and well maintained.

    This is not just good business sense, it’s also essential to comply with the strict Gas Safety Regulations and the Health & Safety at Work regulations. Poor-quality gas installations are not just inefficient and expensive to run; the system will be at greater risk of malfunctions that can lead to devastating fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

    At UK Commercial Gas, we have over 30 years of experience of design, installation and maintenance of a range of systems including plant rooms, boiler installations, warehouse heating installations, and maintenance and decommissioning of gas pipework.

    We will carry out preliminary site visits whenever necessary and tailor each job to ensure that it fully meets your requirements. This way you can be assured that your commercial gas installation is the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

    We provide an ongoing maintenance service to ensure that the system continues to operate safely, reliably and efficiently. This keeps your fuel bills and carbon emissions under control, and prolongs the lifespan of the system.

    Plant Rooms

    Our team of experienced engineers has expertise in fitting out, reconfiguring and repairing plant rooms. We appreciate the scale and complexity that can be involved in this type of installation, and offer a full service from the design and planning stages to the essential ongoing maintenance. Whether you require on-site welding and pipefitting or prefabricated pipework (to minimise the risks of carrying out hot-works on site), our skilled team of engineers are able to provide a service that is tailored to your needs. We can also provide commercial gas testing and purging services to ensure that the highest standards of safety are met at all times.

    Modular Boilers

    For businesses who require commercial modular boilers and pipework installation for natural gas, steam, and LPG gas systems, we can provide a full installation and maintenance service, inclusive of all types of pipework, fittings, valves, metres, and regulators.

    Warehouse Heating

    Warehouse heating can be a particular challenge, because of the large and space-critical nature of the buildings. We can supply and install bespoke radiant heating systems or warm air heaters for factories and warehouses.

    Gas Purge Testing

    If you have gas pipework that requires decommissioning, it’s critical that this is carried out by fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineers who have the most up-to-date knowledge and equipment at their disposal. Our team can carry out all aspects of pre-demolition or out-of-service gas purging and testing.