Commercial Gas Certificates

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    Any business in the UK that uses gas appliances such as boilers, cookers, and heaters is
    required by law to have a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate. This is to ensure that they are
    installed and maintained correctly and are safe to use. Malfunctioning gas equipment poses
    a serious risk of explosions, fires, and toxic chemical leaks.

    Therefore, it’s wholly reassuring and unsurprising that the UK has strict rules and regulations
    in place around the installation and use of gas systems. Commercial Gas Certificates (also
    known as a CP12 or a Gas Safety Record Form, or CP42 in the case of commercial
    kitchens) are legal requirements for all commercial and business.

    Who can issue Commercial Gas Certificates?

    The certificates must be issued by a Gas Safe registered engineer and renewed on an
    annual basis. Here at UK Commercial Gas, we have a team of qualified engineers who are
    able to carry out all aspects of gas safety inspection, testing and maintenance work on a
    comprehensive range of commercial and business premises.

    Remember that the onus is on you as a business owner to instruct a Gas Safe registered
    engineer to carry out the inspection. If you use an unregistered engineer, this will invalidate
    your certificate and leave your business at risk. The engineer should list his or her name and
    registration number on the certificate.


    What does a safety inspection involve?

    The check will include a visual inspection of all gas connections, machines and appliances,
    and pressure and functionality tests. The engineer will record the results and date the
    inspection was carried out, and make any appropriate comments or recommendations. If any
    faults are found, the engineer will offer a suitable solution.

    If an immediate resolution of the problem cannot be carried out, the appliance will be shut
    down until remedial action is taken. When the gas system meets the required standard, the
    relevant certification will be issued. All safety certificates must be renewed on an annual

    Why are gas safety certificates compulsory?

    Gas boilers and appliances that are well-maintained are highly efficient and have an
    impressive level of functionality. However, gas is a highly flammable material and faults can
    lead to catastrophic fires or explosions.

    Furthermore, malfunctioning gas equipment can lead to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
    CO is a colourless and odourless gas that is produced when natural gas fuels are not
    burning correctly. It is highly harmful if inhaled and can even cause death.

    It may seem bureaucratic to invest in the regular testing and maintenance of gas
    installations, but you will have the peace of mind that all of your gas appliances are
    operating at maximum levels of efficiency and reliability, giving you the best return on

    When you are up to date with your commercial gas certification you will also be fully
    compliant with legal regulations and insurance policy requirements. Above all, your
    employees, visitors, and neighbours will be in a safe environment with a very low risk of
    being involved in a gas emergency situation.