Hot Tapping & Under Press Drilling with UK Commercial Gas

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    Hot tapping involves making live connections into gas pipework without disrupting the gas
    flow of the main pipeline network. It’s used when a new branch or connection is required to an existing pipework system, or to add test points or pressure sensors. Hot tapping can be
    used to carry out repairs on the system without the need to shut it down and purge it of gas.

    Who can carry out hot tapping?

    As you can imagine, hot tapping is a very skilled operation and it must be carried out by
    qualified and competent engineers on the Gas Safe register. UK Commercial Gas has a
    team of highly trained engineers with years of experience, who are able to handle complex
    hot tapping procedures on almost any type of gas pipework system.

    The process means that there will be very little or no disruption to the service, allowing a
    business to carry out its day to day operations with no downtime or loss of productivity. It’s a
    much quicker alternative to draining down and backfilling the entire system.

    Safety is a crucial aspect of hot tapping work, because it involves working with pressurised
    systems at high temperatures. Therefore it’s essential that you carefully research the
    previous experience, standard of equipment and training, and past performance of any
    commercial gas engineer company that you hire for a hot tapping operation.

    All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and trained to use the latest technology and
    equipment to ensure the safest and most effective techniques are used at all times. This
    minimises the risk of damage to the system, and of accidents that can occur when working
    with potentially flammable and toxic substances.

    The team will be able to select the most suitable placement of taps, comprehensively test
    the integrity of the pipework system before any work commences, and control pressure and
    temperature to a highly accurate degree with computer heat-flow modelling techniques.

    Where can hot tapping be carried out?

    Hot tapping can be used on gas pipes of various diameters and a wide range of materials,
    including carbon steel and PVC. The operation can be carried out on hot, wet, cold, and tank
    taps at operating pressures of up to 2,200 psi and operating temperatures of up to 700°C.

    What to consider when commissioning commercial hot tapping work

    It’s crucial that everything is done to ensure that the process is carried out to the highest
    standards of safety and efficiency. Ask prospective gas engineering firms what experience of
    this type of work they have previously, and if they can provide case studies and testimonials
    from previous similar operations.

    Give the engineers as much information as possible about the work that you require. This
    will allow the team to plan and design the project in detail, make preliminary site visits, and
    ensure that the work is delivered to the highest standards within the agreed timescale and

    Skilled and well-planned hot tapping work can save your business time, money and increase
    operational efficiency.