Mobile Catering

Festival Vans

We offer quick and reliable safety inspection certificates to a wide range of festival food vans and festival catering services. Our inspections cover pipework, caering equipment, safety equipment, CO2 checks and commisioning.

Discount is offered for annual customers.


There are certain criteria to adhere to ensure that mobile catering vehicles meet the requirements of the gas safety regulations and comply with appropriate standards. The team at UK Commercial Gas are experienced in ensuring that your pipework adheres to all regulations and standards.

Visual Inspection & Certification

Annual gas inspections are required by law for all commercial premises including mobile catering vans, trailers and street traders. We can provide a Gas Safe™ registered engineer to inspect and certify as well as carry out a variety of work, if required.

Maintenance & Repairs

If you require maintenance or repairs to your mobile catering van call UK Commercial Gas now. We can provide you with a Gas Safe™ registered engineer to carry out any work in a safe and legal manner and provide certification upon completion.