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What Actions To Take When Needing Emergency Gas Repairs?

No business likes to endure disruptions, which is why it is essential to do everything possible to mitigate risks and reduce the chance of things going wrong.

However, when it is deemed necessary to undergo emergency gas repairs, gas engineers need to attend to the problem.

After all, the risks of not fixing repairs would be far more detrimental to the business, as well as potentially very unsafe for both members of staff and the public.

So, if a commercial enterprise is required to conduct emergency gas repairs, what actions should they undertake to ensure they happen as safely and smoothly as possible?

Vacate the building

The first thing that needs to be done when a gas leak is suspected is to vacate the building.

Businesses should have certain people assigned to handle emergency procedures, who can instruct the rest of the team regarding what they should do and where they should go.

They need to make sure everyone on their list is accounted for, checking nobody has gone out for lunch or popped to the toilet without them knowing. Once they have located everyone, they can show them how to exit the building safely, such as through emergency doors if need be.

It is important this is done as quickly as possible to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the gas leak.

Be aware of symptoms

If a gas leak is suspected, staff wardens should also be aware of what symptoms they need to look out for.

These include breathing difficulties, fatigue, dizziness, chest pains, irritation to the eyes or throat, nausea, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, headaches, and pale skin.

Although symptoms like reduced appetite can be harder to be on the lookout for, if anyone presents with nosebleeds or finds it hard to breathe, these are red flags that they are suffering from gas poisoning.

Detect bad smell in the air

Although a gas leak is very difficult to detect, one of the main signs is a bad smell in the air.

Mercaptan, for instance, is known to have a scent similar to eggs, with the sulphur-like aroma being difficult to miss and one that most people find unpleasant.

Consequently, if people begin to smell mercaptan, they are bound to start talking about it, which can raise the alarm of a gas leak.

Avoid touching electrical items

In a gas emergency, it is essential companies instruct their staff to avoid turning electrical items on or off.

They should also avoid using phones inside the building, or using anything that could potentially set things alight.

Gas is extremely flammable and the possible ignition of flames could set the whole building alight, which is why electronic items need to be avoided at all costs.

Increase ventilation

Until everyone is out of the building, make sure as many doors and windows are opened as possible to increase ventilation. This will increase the oxygen supply inside the building and help to prevent gas poisoning from occurring.

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