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The Benefits Of Electrofusion For Pipe Installation

Industrial gas pipe installation can be a significant undertaking and it’s important that you partner with an experienced and professional company that can provide you with all the advice and guidance you need to ensure everything is done safely, as well as using all the latest innovative technology to produce the highest standards of work.

Keeping abreast of new methods and ways of working can make your site safer and your gas pipe installations easier to complete and maintain, more consistent and generally stronger overall.

One increasingly popular method for installation is electrofusion, which has particular benefits when working with the likes of poly pipe, HDPE, PE100 and polyethylene pipes, as it can help to make pipe joints far stronger than when using more traditional methods.

What is electrofusion?

Quite simply, electrofusion is a method of welding that can join plastic-based pipes together, featuring specific fittings that have inbuilt electric heating elements to weld joints firmly together.

Once they’ve been cleansed, the pipes are positioned in the electrofusion fitting and voltage is applied to fuse the joints. Once cooled, strong homogenous joints are formed and, if done properly, this joint is as strong as the original pipe itself, capable of withstanding heavy loads during the installation process.

It’s essential that trained and fully qualified gas engineers carry out the fusion process to ensure success and compliance, as well as ensuring that the appropriate fittings are selected for the application in question to support performance and reliability.

What are the benefits of electrofusion?

There are many different benefits associated with this way of working and you’re sure to find that your site is safer if electrofusion techniques are selected for installation.

The main advantages include:

Efficiency gains

Downtime and disruption will be kept to a minimum because electrofusion fittings are quick and easy to install, reducing installation times to get your site back up and running quicker than with traditional methods.

Cost savings

Keeping costs down is a must for all businesses and electrofusion can help reduce labour and material costs, so it’s certainly worth investigating for this alone.

Corrosion resistance

Subterranean environments can be aggressive and take their toll on pipework, but electrofusion fittings and PE pipes are both capable of withstanding corrosion, so installations last longer and are safer to use over time.

Reduced maintenance

While regular maintenance will always be a necessity for gas pipework, you’ll find there is less of this involved with electrofusion fittings over their lifespan, helping you to reduce costs even further.

Leak prevention

Gas leaks will always be a safety concern but you can boost the compliance of your business through electrofusion, as this method produces homogenous welded joints that can reduce the risk of leaks, making your site safer and helping to protect the natural environment as well.

If you’d like to find out more about this way of working and how it could benefit your organisation, get in touch with the UK Commercial Gas team today.

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