Gas Testing & Gas Purging

Gas Test & Purge

A purge is carried out in order to remove the hazardous gas from the line. This is done by injecting an inert gas into the pipe. The inert gas mixes with the gas in the pipework. This stops the hazard of a combustible mixture which could cause harm to employees on your premises.

Tightness Testing

Tightness testing is a safety critical process carried out on existing pipe work to ensure your gas pipe work and installations are in a sound condition and safe to use. The test is carried out at a set pressure as per GSIUR 1998 using calibrated equipment to monitor any loss in pressure no matter how small and rectify as necessary.

We advise as best practice that all gas pipe work is inspected and tested annually during your regular gas appliance servicing. Often this is a requirement of your building insurance to validate the policy.


UK Commercial Gas offer the following services:

  • Direct Purging of Natural Gas Pipework Installations
  • Indirect Purging of Natural Gas Pipework Installations
  • Tightness Testing of Natural Gas Pipework Installations
  • Strength Testing of New Natural Gas Pipework Installations
  • Decommissioning of Live Natural Gas Pipework Installations
  • Issuing of Certification for compliance