Radiant Tube Heaters

Radiant Tube Heater Suppliers and Installers

Radiant tube heating is a great choice for anyone who wants an efficient and cost-effective form of heating that can be tailored to the space that they have to work with. Radiant tube heaters are recommended for areas that are heavily ventilated as radiant heating does not waste energy by just heating the air, which is often lost, like other forms of heating.

UK Commercial Gas can provide customers with radiant tube heaters which are mounted overhead and produce infra-red radiant heat that is directed downward by a reflector.

All systems can be designed and made bespoke to your specific needs to ensure that you get the most from your radiant heating system.

The Benefits of Using A Radiant Heater

Radiant heating has a number of benefits, including:

  • Energy efficient – radiant heating is more efficient than baseboard and forced-air heating, and it can run at just 84 degrees Fahrenheit in comparison to a traditional heater which sits at around 149-167 Fahrenheit, so it consumes far less energy.
  • Consistent temperature – radiant heaters are an effective way of delivering consistent temperature throughout a room.
  • Quiet heating – radiant heaters are quiet, and you won’t hear vents turning on and off or ‘clinging’ noises like radiators can sometimes do.

How Do Radiant Tube Heaters Work?

A radiant tube heater is designed to provide heat to solid objects, surfaces and people, as opposed to just warming up the air, through its simplistic design. They’re a great form of heat as they don’t use much energy to operate and they can heat up really quickly. Because of how they are designed, they can be installed pretty much anywhere, including being mounted on a wall or ceiling to making it as space-saving as possible if you are limited on how much space you have.

Warm Air Heaters

Warm air heating differs significantly from radiant heating (e.g., hot water radiators or gas-fired radiant tubes) in that heat is transferred to the air within the space via a heat exchanger within the unit.

The heat is then distributed within the space primarily by the heaters themselves or with the additional use of de-stratification fans. The resulting warm air flow throughout the space is both comfortable and unobtrusive contributing to a pleasant working environment.

UK Commercial Gas provide a vast range of warm air heating systems including:

  • Free-blowing unit heaters: suspended or wall-mounted for flexibility of positioning within the space
  • Ducted unit heaters: providing a means of distributing heat through ductwork to numerous points within the space
  • Rooftop heaters: particularly suitable for applications where space within the building is at a premium and/or a high level of ventilation air is required.

Examples of Radiant Heaters and Warm Air Heaters

These include:

  • Factory Heating
  • Warehouse / Workshop Heating
  • Retail Depot Heating
  • Manufacturing Facility Heating
  • Transport Depot Heating
  • Farm / Agricultural Building Heating

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