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How Can Commercial Heating Systems Become More Efficient?

Commercial heating systems for buildings such as factories, warehouses, schools, airport hangers, offices, and garages are key to a safe and comfortable working environment. They can be large and complex systems and they require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently and to reduce the risk of adverse incidents.

Here is a quick guide to commercial heating solutions and how to maximise their efficiency. This ensures that you are getting the best value for your money, and also helps your business or organisation to achieve high standards of sustainability and lower your carbon footprint.

Radiant heating systems

Radiant heating is used to provide heat to solid objects and surfaces rather than just warming the air. This makes them a very effective and energy efficient form of heating and it provides a consistent level of temperature. The radiant heating systems can be powered by gas or oil boilers, or air or ground source heat pumps.

Gas boilers

Gas boilers are a staple of commercial heating systems. Condensing boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers, because they will typically convert over 90 per cent of the fuel to heat, compared to around 70 per cent for a conventional boiler system.

The commercial boiler is a pressurised system that heats water which is then distributed to the radiant heat source, such as tubes or radiators. This can be used to heat an entire room or just a specific area of the building. 

Zoning the building can allow you to control the heating requirements based on usage, outside temperature, time of day, and desired minimum and maximum temperatures. This reduces wastage of energy and ensures that you are not paying for more fuel than necessary.  

Smart controls can be programmed to shut the heating off when a desired temperature is achieved, and prevent the temperature from dropping too low and thus requiring more fuel to bring it back up to a comfortable level. They can also learn when the building or certain zones are not in use and automatically turn the heat source off. 

The regular maintenance of the boiler is key to ensuring its efficiency. It should be serviced annually or according to the recommendations of the installer or manufacturer. During the service, the boiler will be cleaned, the filters may be replaced, and it will be checked for issues such as leaks and other potential malfunctions.

This will ensure that the boiler is energy efficient, safe, and it will extend its lifespan and reduce the risk of costly and disruptive breakdowns or serious safety incidents. 

Warm air heaters

Warm air heaters are another common way to heat commercial buildings. They work by drawing in air and heating it via a heat exchanger. The warm air is then distributed by the heater or via a destratification fan. They are a flexible form of heating that is particularly suited to larger spaces such as factories and warehouses.

The heat can be delivered via free-blowing unit heaters that are wall-mounted or suspended; ducted unit heaters, or rooftop heaters. The system can be powered by gas or electricity. Gas powered systems are more expensive to install, but they provide a better return on investment in the long run because they are more energy efficient. 

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is not dependent on the type of heating system or fuel source alone. It can also be boosted by efficient practices such as not heating unused spaces and educating all the users of the building in cost-saving measures. They can also be combined with renewable energy systems such as solar power, and effective insulation.

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The highly trained team of professionals will recommend, design and install the most efficient heating system for your unique needs and requirements. They will also provide an ongoing maintenance service to ensure that the heating system continues to operate at maximum efficiency, and is safe and environmentally sustainable.  

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