Gas Meter Installation

We can provide any meter for commercial properties.

We can provide installation of meters, meter housing, and size and replace upstream pipework.

Supply and Installation of meter

If you are thinking about getting a new gas meter installed in your business, simply call us on 08000 855 077 for advice on supply and installation of meters and an obligation free quote.

Turbine meters

Turbine flow meters are a popular method to measure flow electronically. They are easy to maintain, durable and versatile. Contact us for advice on supply and installation of a turbine flow meter.

Rotary meters

Rotary meters are highly machined precision instruments capable of handling higher volumes and pressures than diaphragm meters. To determine if this is right for your business or property, contact us today on 08000 855 077.

Housing of gas meters

If you new or existing meter is located outside, it will need to be housed. Our experienced Gas Safe engineers will determine what is required and advise of any costs before commencing work.

Sizing of meters

We can provide any size of meter either as part of a new connection project or install a meter on an existing service or service installed by others.